Healing Dance – Israel

The healing experience

The healing dance is designed to allow the body to experience movement from free and open place .
Dance and improvisation, as Ilanit teaches it, contains a lot of healing. The movement is a door to internal investigation, and lies in the possibility to open blockages on one side and a window joy and awakens on the other.

The goal is to give ourselves time to connect to a quiet place, and from there into a movement that comes from the body, not the head or our habits.
The body leads, and it knows what it needs – if it’s powerful, energetic movement in the space or inner quiet movement.

So we lead ourselves, as well as the partner, to trust the senses, return to the energy, enjoy the freedom and movement and thereby get the experience of healing.

The healing dance offers training through the body and connects various tools such improvisation, contact Improvisation, authentic movement, and the world of touch:
• The ability to let go.
• Work with a partner – joining , timing, types of relationships in joining.
• Touch – different types of touch, when do I touch and when I release.
• Listening – to what is happening now in this moment, to myself, to the body.
• What the body tells us – expression and communication.
• The center – between, the ability to change.

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