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Getting closer in a Duet, in the moment of now

I have had a number of relationships with a number of partners. Most of them came from various diverse countries. My father once said that I have a unique way of learning about different cultures….
Three years ago, after my second divorce, I began meeting Avishai. We are both in our 40s, both divorced with children. Our first meeting was in a coffee shop, something odd, not connected to my life, and yet the longing to have a relationship made me going on a date in a late hour, being very tired.
I was wondering how is it that at this age I find myself going back to this “dating” scene. Until then I met my partners through dancing, through my career, through my travels. I was constantly around people. I have never gone out for a date, yet life summoned me a new challenge, going for a date.
Good friends came over to babysit my son; I got delayed with choosing which shoes I will ware. I didn’t want to go out; maybe I wanted but was afraid.
At that moment, while changing again the shoes, wondering what will suit best, high heels, flat shoes, I have decided that the very act of going out to the unknown is a success, since I am challenging myself to something new, and whatever will happen later, is a bonus. Continue reading

Being happy is about making decision

A few years ago, I met an old friend. To my question “how do you feel”, she replied “excellent”.
Her answer hit me. It was not just “good” or “ok”. “Excellent”, she said.
She was smiling, saying,” yes, I am happy”. What has happened” I asked, she said, “I have decided to be happy”.

Her answer made me think. What does it mean to decide to be happy? Satisfied? Contented?
Knowing that I need to do a constant internal work, stroke me.
Being in a state of misery, anger and frustration, takes energy.
However, being in a state of happiness, content and joy also takes energy. So, if I need to work on my feelings, I’d rather work on being in a state happiness. Continue reading



Last weekend we were in the studio in Tel Aviv, rehearsals and a performance before our trip to France.
In the recent months I have been working with Rabeah Morkus, as a part from a project called “bridges” – connecting Jewish and Arab youth from the north through dance.
In a week we fly together to Lyon, to the dance center of the choreographer Yuval Pick, a week of workshops and creative process with a local youth group.
Sharon Ashkenazi, a good friend of mine and Rabeah over the years, initiated, produces and manages our journey. Continue reading

Agreeing to dance, agreeing to be vulnerable


This year I started teaching training of facilitators of Improvisation. One woman asked me a question that made me long thinking about …
The question was: “What is the most difficulty in teaching people that just start to dance?”
Since the question surprised me, I answered immediately: cynicism and criticism are major inhibitors at the beginning of the process.
The question sent me to think about the other side,
What will support the most the agreement to dance and move to change through the dance?
By looking at people for years, I can definitely say that these not the person’s physical capabilities, not age, not professional background. These are not factors that affect the possibility for someone to agree diving to the new. Continue reading

Talk My Walk


Reveries on the Art of Improvisation – in Dancing and in Life

I’ve been dancing and writing all my life.
At first, to myself, in notebooks:
In moments of inspiration, in the studio, alone when I’m trying to create something new, or in class with my students all around me
I write in the morning.
I write when I’m distressed, but also when I’m joyful.
I write when I’m questioning my life, my choices,
When the new year starts, on my birthday, my son’s or my partner’s.
And at any moment I can spare. Continue reading