A body under your eyebrows – Improvisation as a way of living

The intellectual Thomas Mann states that the universe has reached a point of the strategies era. The intense life we have requires fast reactions to constant changing situations.
How can we cope with the challenges that are facing us in the 21st century?

This lecture is suggesting a way of handling with these challenges: Improvisation as a way of life.
The improvisation is a tool for an awareness transformation through the body. The process, inside the studio, as well as outside the studio in the daily life, allows people to extend the inner borders and shift from limitations and blocks towards expending the existing possibilities in the imagination, in the movement and eventually in life.
There are several methods to exercise improvisation. My methods, with which I am working with my students in the last twenty years is improvisation in movement. The improvisation is about freedom and free choices. Freedom of instant reactions to non-predictive or non-planned situations, either external or inner situations.
Through learning and experiencing I give a “tool box”. Be present, see what is it that exists in this present, see through it, by training communication with ourselves and our surrounding.

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