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Getting closer in a Duet, in the moment of now

I have had a number of relationships with a number of partners. Most of them came from various diverse countries. My father once said that I have a unique way of learning about different cultures….
Three years ago, after my second divorce, I began meeting Avishai. We are both in our 40s, both divorced with children. Our first meeting was in a coffee shop, something odd, not connected to my life, and yet the longing to have a relationship made me going on a date in a late hour, being very tired.
I was wondering how is it that at this age I find myself going back to this “dating” scene. Until then I met my partners through dancing, through my career, through my travels. I was constantly around people. I have never gone out for a date, yet life summoned me a new challenge, going for a date.
Good friends came over to babysit my son; I got delayed with choosing which shoes I will ware. I didn’t want to go out; maybe I wanted but was afraid.
At that moment, while changing again the shoes, wondering what will suit best, high heels, flat shoes, I have decided that the very act of going out to the unknown is a success, since I am challenging myself to something new, and whatever will happen later, is a bonus. Continue reading