A Workshop in Contact Improvisation

“KEEP IN TOUCH” 12/09 -13/09
Sharing the Pleasure of Moving Together
· During this workshop we will learn and practice the basic skills of Contact Improvisation.
· We will play dynamic games and use fun exercises to draw attention to the possibilities of humour and seriousness.
· We will explore the fundamental principles of moving with a partner and observe how this can lead to the development of simple lifts and falls.
· We will investigate ways of using the body, the voice, the imagination and the attention to develop and expand the range of expression in our dancing.
· Throughout we will be concerned to maintain the passion and enjoyment within each dance.
Friday 12/09 11:30-15:30
Saturday 11:30-17:00
About Ilya Domanov:
Actor, performer and teacher Ilya Domanov is originally from Moscow. He has been living in Tel-Aviv for the last year. Since 1998 he has worked as a performer, teacher and director in Israel, Russia and Ireland. He brings his acting skills and his background in Improvisation in Performance and Contact Improvisation, to the exploration of the art of dance and movement.Over the last couple of years, he has performed with several established companies, participated in a number of independent productions in Israel and Europe, and produced his own dance works.

Ilya has been collaborating regularly with Tel-Aviv choreographer/performer Ilanit Tadmor and is a core member of the teaching team on her centre of improvisation and performing art “Play